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New Projects: Fiction

The Lasting      Quality Commercial Fiction


R.M. Clarke


Set between the two coastlines of Marseille and southeast England, The Lasting is a novel about art and rivalry, belonging and abandonment, and the secrets that force people apart.


R.M. Clarke’s new novel is a contemporary homage to the 19th century classic novels of Hardy and the big house novels of Elizabeth Bowen. The intricacies of the big house mirror the intricacies of the relationships between Derbhaile and The O’Connells, and Clarke’s lush detail and subtle, tender insights build as the novel gains speed and hurtles towards its conclusion.


R.M. Clarke began her career as an actress in 2006, later moving into voiceover and writing. Her stories have been published in The Irish Times, Spontaneity, Losslit, The Open Pen Anthology and written for Dublin 2020. Her debut novel, The Glass Door, won the Discovery award at the Dalkey Book Festival and The Irish Writers Centre Greenbean Novel Fair 2016 and as published by Dalzell Press in 2018. She is editor of and contributor to The Broken Spiral anthology in aid of the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre, published in 2017 with the assistance of Dublin UNESCO City of Literature. She holds a BA and the Gold Medal in English from Trinity College Dublin. She lives in Wicklow, Ireland.


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Did She See You?                  Thriller                                        


Jason Johnson


A powerful and haunting new novel from the investigative journalist which examines how we view ourselves and the world around us, social media and mental illness.


Jason Johnson is the co-author of Slave (Ebury Press, 2018) He is also the author of four novels: Aloysius Tempo (Liberties Press, 2015), Sinker (Liberties Press, 2014), Alina (Blackstaff Press, 2006) and Woundlicker (Blackstaff Press, 2005). He lives in Belfast.


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Turncoat                          Crime Fiction/Thriller                          


Anthony Quinn


The sole survivor of a murderous ambush, a Belfast police detective is forced into a desperate search for a mysterious informer that takes him to a holy island on Lough Derg, a place shrouded in strange mists and hazy rain, where nothing is as it first appears to be


Anthony Quinn is the author of six novels in the Celcius Daly crime series (Head of Zeus), the first novel  in the Carla Herron series (also Head of Zeus) and two historical crime novels (No Exit Press), as well as the stand alone new novel, Turncoat, due from No Exit Press in Autumn 2020. He lives in Dungannon, N. Ireland.


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Peninsula           Literary Fiction   


Tanya Ravenswater


Peninsula, the second novel from published author, Tanya Ravenswater is a beautifully told love story with a dark secret at its heart.


To be published by Dalzell Press in Autumn 2020.


Tanya Ravenswater’s first novel was Jacques (BonnierZaffre, 2017). She lives in Cheshire.


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Anna’s Shadow     Women’s Contemporary/Historical Commercial Fiction             


Ingrid McCarthy


Searching for a lost love some 50 years on, Luke Miller, his son, and grieving Sofia Rossi find so much more.


Ingrid McCarthy is an indie author of several books for children and dramatic novellas for adults. The German translation of her novella, Theodor’s Choice (Theodors Entscheidung), became the bestselling book in the German historical genre on Amazon during April 2018.  She also writes novels and novellas under the pseudonym Rose D. Franklyn. She lives in Ottawa, Canada.


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The Stamp of Beauty   Quality Women’s Commercial Fiction               


Fionola Meredith  


This highly original and unsettling novel from Irish journalist, Fionola Meredith charts the course of an unlikely and deeply dysfunctional relationship between a young woman and a much older man in a contemporary setting.


Fionola Meredith is a writer, broadcaster and commentator, based in Belfast. She contributes regular features, comment pieces and reviews to the Irish Times, and writes a weekly opinion column in the Belfast Telegraph. She is also a frequent contributor to BBC Northern Ireland current affairs and discussion programmes, debating the moral, social and political issues of the day.


Sing Sisters    Quality Commercial Debut Women’s Fiction


Fionola Meredith


This brilliantly observed first novel from journalist Fionola Meredith is a darkly comic coming-of-age story centring on an all-women singing group, which dissects the complex dynamics of female friendship and the so-called ‘sisterhood’, as well as the madness of evangelical Christianity and the universal human need to belong to a group, a creed, a ‘tribe’.


Fionola Meredith is a writer, broadcaster and commentator, based in Belfast. She contributes regular features, comment pieces and reviews to the Irish Times, and writes a weekly opinion column in the Belfast Telegraph. She is also a frequent contributor to BBC Northern Ireland current affairs and discussion programmes, debating the moral, social and political issues of the day. She lives in Belfast.


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In the Shadow of Hermes                               Quality Commercial Fiction     


A Novel within a Novel


Eoin Lane


A ‘Big House’ novel with a difference, In the Shadow of Hermes begins as the imaginative concoction of the writer-narrator, Gerard, who embarks upon its telling as an escape from grief. As the story unfolds and the fictional fortunes of the eccentric 92-year-old Lady Nerine are intercut with Gerard’s diary entries, we see how the characters he has created take him on his own journey of self-discovery, awareness and, ultimately, healing.


Eoin Lane was a finalist in the 2016 Greenbean Novel Fair for In the Shadow of Hermes. He was also the fourth prize winner in the inaugural year of the RTE Frances Mac Manus Awards 1986, when James Plunkett was the head judge. (The story was later published in the accompanying anthology by Mercier Press). In 2015, Eoin was shortlisted in the same awards for his story, When Blue Snowflakes Fall. In the Shadow of Hermes is his second novel.  His first novel, Beyond the Horizon, will be published by Blackstone Publishing in 2020. He lives in Comber, N. Ireland


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Her Kind            Quality Commercial Women’s Fiction/Historical Fiction      


Tina Pisco


In the spring of 1894, a mysterious young woman arrives in a remote village in the west of Ireland. Some will love her, many will hate her, and one will fall hopelessly in love with her. But no one will be able to foresee or forestall the events and circumstances which conspire inexorably against her, leading to her downfall. Her Kind is a compellingly readable novel from a bestselling author and gifted storyteller, who engages you from the first sentence and draws you into the dark drama of a tragedy very much of its time.

Tina Pisco was born in Madrid, Spain and lived mostly in mainland Europe before moving to West Cork in 1992. She has been a professional writer for over 25 years, working across the genres of prose, poetry and drama, in fiction and non-fiction. Her two previously published bestselling novels, Only a Paper Moon and Catch the Magpie (1996 and 1999, Poolbeg Press), have been translated into five languages. An acrimonious divorce in 1996 meant that for the next decade, Tina’s focus was entirely on bringing up her four teenage children. Now that all of her daughters have grown up and left home, she has been able to return to writing again. Tina currently lives with her partner in a big house on the hill in Clonakilty, Ireland, along with two dogs and three cats.


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