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"Signing with the Feldstein Agency has given my career a huge boost. Paul has been a pleasure to work with. He's responsive, encouraging, and tireless when it comes to championing my writing. He has also secured fantastic deals for my new novel, Emma, Disappeared. I hope to be working with The Feldstein Agency for many years to come."


Andrew Hughes, author of the UNESCO One Dublin One Book for 2023, The Coroner’s Daughter (PRH Doubleday) and Emma Disappeared (Hachette Ireland)

“Paul Feldstein has been my literary agent since 2020 and has been an exceptional support every step of the way, especially when it came to arranging the publishing of my best-selling memoir, As the Smoke Clears. Paul is an absolute joy to work with, always friendly, incredibly efficient and so very knowledgeable in his field of expertise. Most importantly he respects each author’s work and has that impeccable skill of matching each title with the right publisher. I have always felt protected as his client, trusted his judgement as he has looked after my best interests from the get-go, something which I believe to be crucial in attaining a strong agent/author relationship. The fact that he offers great advice and has extensive contacts in the industry makes it all the easier to highly recommend Paul and the Feldstein Agency to any author.”


Zoe Holohan, author of As the Smoke Clears (Gill Books)

"The Feldstein Agency have been my agents for over 2 years and during that time I have always felt supported and that they have my best interests at heart. Their expertise in the literary world is evident with the numerous opportunities they have brought my way and their dedication to my success has built so much trust between us.  I highly recommend collaborating with the Feldstein Agency."


Rachel Gotto, author of Flying on the Inside (Little A Books)

"In a business that deals primarily with words, it’s safe to say that they fall woefully short in any attempt to describe the feelings and depth of gratitude I have for The Feldstein Agency.


From the very first moment of contact with Paul, I experienced a very tangible sense of trust and confidence in his ability to do the very best for the script of Being with Cows. At the end of each and every conversation, I was buoyed and even inspired by the fact that I knew the script was in the safest of hands.


And when, after a relatively short amount of time, the contract for publication was signed with Bedford Square Publishers, my delight was as much for Paul and Susan as it was for myself. In brief, I simply couldn’t have hoped to have a found an Agency with such dedication, compassion and determination. From the very bottom of my heart, I thank you."


Dave Mountjoy, author of Being with Cows (Bedford Square)



“Paul is an agent and businessman of exceptional ability, savvy, and experience. He brought tremendous energy and enthusiasm to my project, not to mention a thorough understanding of the key markets. Add onto this Paul’s sharp editorial eye, and it all combines to form a literary agent to rival the very best. I’d be lost without him.

Michael O’Donnell, author of Above the Fire (Blackstone Publishing)


"I consider it my great fortune to have been accepted as a client by the Feldstein Agency. Paul is an attentive and responsive agent. He found the right publisher for my book. I look forward to our continued working relationship."


Carmel Mc Mahon, author of In Ordinary Time (Duckworth)


“Getting signed up with The Feldstein Agency made all the difference for me. Paul rolled his sleeves up, aimed high and got there swiftly, securing the very best deal for my book. His commitment, support and expert navigation skills in a complex field have been invaluable all the way along.”

Jason Johnson, co-author of Slave (Ebury Press)

"The greatest comfort for me in working with The Feldstein Agency is the accessibility of Susan & Paul. As a first-time author I had a lot of questions and they were always on hand to answer. I feel I have an ally on my side who is genuinely looking out for my best interests and that I am not just a client. This along with their vast industry experience and the obvious trust publishers have in their opinion made them an obvious choice for me."


Paddy Brosnan, author of This Works (Hay House) and Treasury of Mindfulness (Dalzell Press)


"I would never be in the joyous position of being a published author if it wasn’t for the tenacity and dedication of Susan and Paul Feldstein. Susan fell in love with an early draft of my novel several years ago, and stuck with the book through many rejections and disappointments. Her belief in the story, and in me as a writer, kept me going through many a wobbly moment, and she never gave up. Not once. I know that when the offer finally came through, it was as much a cause for celebration for Susan and Paul as it was for me. They are fabulous people and outstanding agents, and I know that my book and I are totally safe in their hands."


Lesley Allen, author of The Lonely Life of  Biddy Weir (Dalzell Press)



"Any author who wants to be published is basically stunned when a query letter is answered at all.  Imagine this: I queried 40 agents and The Feldstein Agency happened to be the first on my list. Paul Feldstein responded within 5 minutes and requested a full manuscript (across the ocean, no less). Wow, I thought. Susan Feldstein emailed me 2 months later (a 2 pager, no less) explaining why they very much wanted to represent me. I cannot believe this, I screamed. Then I signed. Three months later Susan Feldstein agented a deal to sell my memoir to Little, Brown and Company. This has to be a dream, I dreamed. But this was not a dream or some fluke or even an act of God. The Feldstein Agency represents the very best for an author, combining old world nurturing of the artist with a vast knowledge of current trends in the ever-changing publishing scene. Whether one is new to the profession or a seasoned writer, they are exceptionally kind and generous to their authors, and work incredibly hard on their behalf. I am the luckiest duck in the universe."


Marcia Butler, author of The Skin Above My Knee (Little Brown US) and Pickle's Progress (Central Avenue Publishing)


"Most journalists can research and write 2000 word articles to meet demanding and challenging deadlines, a skill which can take years to develop and finesse. It’s generally a penalty kick to make the features pages, but writing a book is a completely different ball game. Susan Feldstein confirmed her reputation as an experienced and outstanding editor. She proved to be a brilliant guide who helped me negotiate a hugely daunting process. Her sureness of touch and attention to detail was absolutely critical since Let This Be Our Secret was my first foray into the world of books. Her judgement was 100 per cent in navigating that unfamiliar landscape which faces nervous and anxious first time authors, who sometimes think they know it all. They don’t. I shared the company of a true professional. Without her, and I would have been hopelessly lost. I could not recommend her highly enough. In the same way I placed my faith and trust in Paul Feldstein, a publishing agent with loads of experience, who quickly identified and maximised all the commercial opportunities while also pinpointing the potential pitfalls. I score them 10 out of 10."

Deric Henderson, author of Let This Be Our Secret (Gill & Macmillan and Penguin UK) and Reporting the Troubles (Blackstaff Press)

“Paul and Susan’s professionalism, attention and personal care continues to astonish me. Their dedication to not only the written work, but also the welfare of their writers are truly remarkable. They are simply any author’s dream."

Melanie Verwoerd, author of When We Dance (Liberties Press and NB Books)

"The Feldstein Agency got me a book contract with a big international publisher - so naturally I'm a fan! I have found Susan and Paul to be friendly and supportive and I enjoy working with them"

Padraig O’Morain, author of Mindfulness on the Go, Mindfulness for Worriers, Kindfulness and Daily Calm (Yellow Kite/Hodder & Stoughton)

"The Feldstein Agency has represented me for the last five years. Throughout that time, both Paul and Susan have encouraged and supported me whole heartedly. They always celebrate my achievements as though they were their own, answer my never ending questions and diplomatically tell me the truth whilst offering constructive advice. They have taught me (amongst other things) how to build confidence in my writing by showing me how to tackle my weak areas, improve the stronger ones and develop my creativity. Their professional knowledge, positivity and inspiration leaves me with no doubt that I am extremely lucky to have such wonderful people represent my work." 

Gayle Curtis, author of Too Close (Bonnier/Twenty7)  and Choose Me and Safe No Longer (Thomas & Mercer)

"It's probably a bit unusual for a photographer to work with a literary agent but meeting Paul was among the best things that ever happened in my professional life. Only a few months after our first chat I found myself signing contracts with some of Ireland's top publishers. This alone should make every author happy but in addition it is a real joy working with Paul. He knows the publishing world inside out, is friendly and professional, has always an open ear for his clients and solved even the most ridiculous problem I threw at him. What more can an author want."

Carsten Krieger, photographer and author of numerous books including The Landscape of Ireland, Ireland's Coast, Ireland's Ancient East, Ireland's Beautiful North, Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way, Wild Ireland and The Shannon (O'Brien Press) 

"Writers' ideas can be like children and teenagers. Fresh, exuberant, daring, full of promise, aspiration. Also unruly, fragile, naïve when it comes to venturing into the world. If we're lucky, we find trustworthy, astute people, like Paul and Susan Feldstein, with all the nurturing and challenging qualities of the best teachers and parents. They take care around dreams. They show a genuine interest, balance encouragement with realism."


Tanya Ravenswater, author of Jacques (Bonnier/Twenty7)


"I have worked closely with Paul Feldstein for more than two decades as both customer and client. His intelligence, efficiency, and competence have set a standard that, in my book, no one else has met. His knowledge of books and their marketplace is both smart and seasoned, and his approach to publishing, sales, and distribution issues is informed by his experienced grasp of large trends and his relentless attention to small details. I can't imagine having a more effective advocate or partner. "


James Mustich, Jr. fromer Chief Bookseller, Barnes & Noble, and author of 1000 Books to Read Before You Die (Workman Publishing).


"We all expect agents to have strong and long relationships with key players in the publishing industry, but if your agent also has the kind of judgment, experience and commitment that Susan and Paul Feldstein have, you can count yourself very lucky indeed. They stuck by me through creative drought, because they believed I would be productive again. They sent Poets Are Eaten as a Delicacy in Japan to publisher after publisher, because they never doubted it would find a home. As a writer, there is nothing like an agent who believes in you. I can’t recommend them highly enough."


Tara West, author of  Fodder (Blackstaff Press), Poets Are Eaten as a Delicacy in Japan and The Upside of Down  (Dalzell Press) 


"I first met Susan Feldstein (née Dalzell) in 2004, when an investigative journalist from the BBC slipped me her business card and advised me to contact her. She was working at that time with Gill & MacMillan, a leading Irish publisher based in Dublin. Susan had heard that I was thinking of writing a book on my service as a detective in the Royal Ulster Constabulary’s CID, and had asked my friend in the BBC to refer me to her. I met Susan shortly after that and we quickly got down to business. With her professionalism and wit, she had me signing a contract within a month. Susan did not then disappear. She was always on hand, ever ready to explain to me exactly what was required of me. Without Susan’s skill, experience and patience it is doubtful if my first book, Into the Dark, would ever have made it to publication. I often refer to Susan as my “teacher”, and in many respects that is very true. Susan afforded me not just her valuable time, but her expertise in the often fraught field of publishing, and her personal encouragement at times when she realised it was most required. Susan had faith in me and in my version of events. She never faltered at times when others, who should have known better, quickly fled the scene. For that faith alone, I will be forever grateful to her.I am currently working on other projects and I am thrilled to say that Susan and her husband Paul will be representing me as my agents. I consider them both friends and valued professional advocates. I would recommend the new Feldstein Agency to anyone contemplating writing or publishing a book."

 Johnston Brown, author of Into The Dark (Gill & Macmillan) 

"Susan Dalzell combines rigorous editorial skills with an instinctively positive and encouraging perspective. She was the difference between an aspiration and a published book. I'll always be grateful for her contribution." 

Darragh MacIntyre, Producer and Reporter, BBC Northern Ireland, and author of Conversations (Gill & Macmillan)

I believe The Feldstein Agency's success is rooted in Paul and Susan Feldstein's many years combined experience in working with, advising and supporting writers. I have complete confidence in their experience, skills and knowledge and I appreciate their prompt and professional response to any question or query. Their proven effectiveness in the publishing business is enhanced by the exceptional spirit of positivity and encouragement which they offer the writer. The Feldstein Agency makes it possible for a writer to simply get on with writing.

Tony Macaulay, Author of Paperboy (Harper Collins) BreadBoy, All Growed Up, and Little House on the Peace Line (all Blackstaff Press) 

"Susan Dalzell has had an outstanding track record as a commissioning editor and rights executive. She knows the book trade, especially in Northern Ireland, inside out. She was Gill & Macmillan's first dedicated acquisitions person in Northern Ireland, and established that aspect of our publishing on a solid foundation." 

Fergal Tobin, Former Publishing Director, Gill & Macmillan Publishers

“Paul came to work for me in 1986 when Trafalgar Square was a small company in Vermont marketing and distributing the books of eight British publishers into the U.S. market. Twenty years later after moving from Sales & Marketing to Managing Director (in 1996), he was responsible for a company distributing fifty-five British publishers, together with a healthy co-edition and original publishing program. Despite enormous changes in the American book trade, thanks to Paul's intelligent management, the growth of the company over this period was ten fold. I have no doubt that his extensive knowledge of both the U.S. publishing market and the British publishing scene puts him in a unique position to be of enormous help and value to any client. 
Paul's attention to detail and response speed is legendary!” 

Caroline Robbins, Founder, Trafalgar Square Publishing; President and Publisher, Trafalgar Square Books

"In all three categories of her job - acquisitions, contracts, and rights, Susan Dalzell was an exceptionally able and trustworthy colleague. She performed all these tasks with skill, intelligence, and sensitivity, working hard to achieve tight deadlines and maintaining excellent relationships with authors, agents and Blackstaff colleagues. Susan had a very good grasp of contract law, and, as a fair but firm negotiator with authors, agents and other publishers, was greatly respected by them. Her fluent German and French, together with her aptitude, training and focus, meant that Blackstaff sold far more rights during her time with us than during all the previous years from our foundation in 1971. All in all, she made an enormous contribution to Blackstaff Press."

Ann Tannahill, former Managing Director, Blackstaff Press

"As Managing Director of Trafalgar Square, Paul Feldstein offered an unrivalled working knowledge of both the U.K. and U.S. trade and specialty markets. On top of that, he has always been extremely easy to work with, detailed, results driven, attentive and commercially-minded. Under his management, our divisions that sold books in America via Trafalgar, saw sales flourish, and a large part of this success was down to Paul."

Richard Kitson, Group Commercial Director, Hachette UK

"Susan Dalzell was a key factor in signing me up for Gill & Macmillan for my book on the Northern Bank robbery in Belfast, Ripe for the Picking. Not only was she an exceptionally good editor who quietly and calmly kept me on the right track, but she was also very willing to share her experience of publishing in order to allow me to make informed decisions, editorial and otherwise. I certainly benefited from Susan's involvement in the publication of my book and look forward to working with her again some time in the future." 

Chris Moore, Journalist and Reporter, and author of Ripe for the Picking (published by Gill & Macmillan)



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